Ten reasons to be thankful that there is a Camp Scully

I recently posted a series of 10 reasons to be thankful that there was a Camp Scully on Facebook. I did one reason every couple of days. The idea for this was prompted from our observance of Veteran's Day and the sacrifice that those veterans have made enabling things like Camp Scully to exist. One of my camp mentors and good friends, Stuart Jones from Outpost Summer Camps, suggested I post the list in its entirety and I thought what better post could I have for Camp's inaugural blog. So here it is, thanks Stu.

(BTW, check out Stuart's Camp with the link above, its fantastic!)

1. Children and staff take on a new, positive personality at camp. If they arrive withdrawn and shy, they end up leading songs, acting crazy and hugging new friends before they leave.

2. If a child is homesick on Sunday, that child will be the one most likely to cry about leaving on Friday.

3. Camp Scully's community is a very powerful force for good in a young person’s life.

4. Camp songs stay with you and are never really forgotten.

5. Time to be in nature and unplugged is a powerful and an amazing gift.

6. People make very close friends at camp who will stick together beyond high school and college. People are very grateful to have had a place to make such close friends.

7. Long distance vision is a rare thing in a person and in life. You can hone your long distance vision at camp kayaking on Snyder's Lake, experiencing The Candlelight Ceremony or building a fort in the forest. The experiences will carry you through the school year and bring you back next year.

8. Every summer at least several counselors and many children will tell me that this was “the best summer of their lives.”

9. In addition to a wider range of skills and higher confidence levels, many young people end up with more money working at camp than they do taking a summer job and paying for transportation, lodging, meals and their own entertainment.

10. Camp helps prepare young people for the world that they are going to inherit.