Online Applications to Camp Scully

Finally, we've caught up with the times. On the website now are staff applications that can be completed online and emailed to the Director's inbox. If you are new to Camp Scully read this page to give you an idea of what it's all about. If you've worked at Camp before and were just waiting, wondering what you were going to do for the next 5 minutes, fill out your returning application now!

Were you an LIT last year? Are you ready to work at Camp? Here's your form.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to complete the forms. Click the link to down load the free reader.

A word on signatures though. If you are returning we will still need your John Hancock (signature) so you'll have to print the form after completing it and then scan and email or mail it you with a stamp and envelope and all that. Or you can come into the office and sign it.

New applicants and LIT graduates will be able to sign it when they come in for an interview. We hope you enjoy the changes to the application process.

Almost finally, Camp has a shiny, new handbook for your information. We strongly suggest you download it and read it.

Finally, the application is the only form you need right now. You won't need a medical form or anything else until you are hired. We'll send you a lovely little letter stating that you've been hired. It will also state your salary and start date and all the other forms you'll need will be with the letter.