Renovating the Bath House

Our current bath house was built in 1982, and since then nothing much has changed! Well. apart from the annual avalanche of leaks each spring after the thaw! We've been steadily improving Camp over the last 4 years; new or renovated buildings and activities include:

  • Dining Hall (that one is hard to miss, right?)
  • Nature Den
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • LIT cabin reconstruction
  • 2nd Archery Range
  • Lookout Lodge
  • Director's Palace (erm...I mean cabin)
  • New roofs on Cabins 8, 9 and LIT
  • Day Camp Center and Krazy Kitchen

Next in our cross-hairs is the bath house. It's an ambitious project with new showers (I hear the cheers of all my staff), new sinks, new floors and lot more lights.

Bazza painting Wendy from Peter Pan

Bazza painting Wendy from Peter Pan

The outside has received a lot of love over the last few years with new murals from ex-counselor, ex-lead counselor Bazza Adams. (on a side not he just recently married our former Program Director LeAnne Lawrence.)  Congratulations to them both.

So far we've raised $26,000 and we hope you enjoy the changes come the summertime.