Every child has the right to feel safe while at camp. Camp’s policies and staff training are designed to promote a healthy and inclusive space for all campers. Should any challenges in regards to behaviour present themselves, we have a problem-solving framework that offers support to all involved. Any disciplinary measures that may be required are fair and progressive, and intended to be used as a teaching tool.

Camp Scully responds immediately to issues of verbal or physical intimidation, bullying of any kind, or any situation that creates discomfort for campers. We hope that prior to camp you will discuss with your campers the importance of positive interactions with others, so that we are simply reinforcing these lessons at Camp Scully.

A safe environment requires safe practices. The possession, use, or being in the presence of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or related paraphernalia on the grounds of camp  by any camper, LIT or CIT is strictly prohibited.