We realize that it can be disappointing to come to our video slideshows and photo galleries and not find a picture of your camper. We do our best to get lots photos of every camper on the photo gallery each year but sometimes we miss a few. Please consider the following:

  • Quality Control: Cameras frequently catch people with awkward expressions on their faces. We try to only post good photos that campers will be proud of. We have to throw out many photos that we shoot because one or more of the campers has an awkward expression on their face.

  • One Photographer: At each camp, we have over 150 campers per week and only one photographer. This photographer is the Camp Director. Clearly, he has many other tasks to accomplish but he works hard to get as many camper photos on the web as he can. More photographers and their related expenses would significantly increase the cost of running camp.

  • Cabin Portraits: Cabin portraits are posed photos of each overnight cabin taken during the dance. We methodically photograph every cabin, make sure every camper is there and we do re-shoots as necessary to ensure that these are high quality photos. If you have not seen a photo of your camper doing other camp activities, you should see them in their cabin portrait.

If you have comments or suggestions about our photo process, you can email the Camp Director. We will review these notes regularly and use them to better train our staff and make improvements to our process. We can not take specific requests to photograph certain campers as this would slow the photographer down and result in fewer photos of campers overall.