The camp session is a busy time for campers, but we want to make sure that neither parents nor campers are anxious about communicating with each other. We have a number of ways for everyone to stay in touch.

How to contact the camp

  • Phone - (518) 283-1617
  • Email -
  • Fax - (518) 621-7845 (this fax is at our main office away from camp)

Camp Scully’s camp office is not continually staffed, we are out and about with the campers. however, confidential voicemail is available and checked regularly. Any concerns or questions will be directed towards the appropriate member of our Leadership Team. We strive to return all messages within 24 hours.

As with telephone calls, we will endeavor to respond to emails within 24 hours. Although we read and respond to every inquiry, camp commitments mean that we are not always able to reply immediately.

If your email is of an informational nature then you can expect to receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours.

If your email is a concern that requires follow up then we will contact you by telephone. We feel this allows us to better understand and solve any problems. As well, though an email may be addressed to a specific staffer, you will be contacted by the person determined by the Leadership Team as best able to deal with your issue. No matter who you speak to, please be aware that we will share information appropriately as a Team.

If you have a need to get something to us in writing (i.e. itinerary for your travel plans during camp, updated health information) please email Camp or use our fax service.

Camp Director's Tip

“If you are travelling–even just for a day or two, we ask that you please let us know by either emailing or calling our office. In the event that we need to contact you (though we hope we don’t!), we’d like to have the right contact info, either for you or your emergency contact person.”

How & When We Contact Parents

We seek to ensure a safe and healthy stay at camp, but in the case of an unexpected accident or illness our camp’s Health Center will contact you.

The nurse will call to inform you of any significant medical situations that have occurred at Camp. Some examples of this include medication issues, injuries that are involve significant treatment by our nurse any situation requiring a visit to the hospital or dentist, an unusually long illness, or continuing homesickness.

For minor medical issues we do not contact the camper’s family. These matters may include: the dispensing of some oral medications such as antihistamines, topical creams or lotions; minor cuts and scrapes; homesickness that lasts for short periods of time; minor colds or short term illnesses that do not require medication.

Should we need to contact you, we will make several attempts to reach you directly and will leave a detailed message on voice mail if necessary. Please make sure to provide the camp with your most up to date contact information.

Communicating with your campers

Camp is a time for kids to gain independence and have new experiences. We want families to hear all about it so we encourage you to keep in touch with your campers via email or post.

Posted Letters

Getting mail from home is an anticipated part of the camp day. Mail is distributed to campers daily after dinner. Here are some tips and pieces of information regarding mail to and from camp:

  • Mail to camp should be labelled clearly with your camper’s name and cabin, along with our full summer mailing address.
  • Incoming mail often arrives within a few days. 
  • If you want your child to receive mail within the first few days of camp, try mailing a few letters before campers depart.
  • Another option is to pre-write letters in numbered envelopes and send them up to camp before summer, we will distribute them with camper mail in the order they are numbered.
  • Make sure campers have a list of names and addresses for everyone they want to write to from camp. Printed labels or pre-addressed and stamped envelopes can make the process even easier.

Emailed Letters

Many families have expressed an interest in sending email to their campers. Everything you need to know before hitting send is below.

Sending emails to camp

  • Emails should be sent to
  • Please make the subject line your camper’s name and cabin.
  • Emails will be printed and distributed with regular camper mail.
  • Campers may only receive one email per day.
  • Please no images or attachments.

Receiving emails from camp

As we do not allow campers access to computers they cannot send emails. However, we encourage campers to write letters.