Counselor Of The Week: Mara D

What is your favorite Camp Scully memory?

There were so many, but the best was the second week with a camper who was sent home for behavioral issues during week 1. Thanks to a lot of support from his counselors, Shrek and Bazza, the social worker, Meg, and me, he really turned it around. The look on his face when I handed him the "improved camper" certificate was unforgettable -- and he carried it folded in his pocket for the rest of the time he was there. My other favorite memory was the way the rest of the staff pulled together when we faced staffing issues over the course of the summer. Their friendship and hard work made it a truly awesome summer.

Why do you love Camp Scully?

My one summer there had an impact on me that continues to this day. I had never even been to summer camp as a kid so the summer camp experience alone was amazing. More importantly, I learned so much about myself and about working with children. The moments of connection with the kids and other staff members were precious indeed. Helping kids and counselors expand beyond their previous limits allowed me to do the same.

What do you do when you're not at Camp?

I am a doctoral student in the history department at SUNY Albany. I am writing my dissertation and expect to be done by May 2010.

What is your dream job?

History professor – working with young adults instead of kids. Far fewer behavioral issues. But, sadly, no campfires either.

Who’s who in the picture: Going clockwise from top-left: Shrek, Alex, PW, Sara, Bazza, Jessica, Kate, George, Patience, Tiffany, Natasha, Mara, Paul.

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