Counselor of the Week: Marissa B

What is your favorite camp scully memory?
There are so many! My favorite would be the capture the flag games, every camper gets so into it and it's great for morale and camp/cabin spirit!!

Why do you love Camp Scully?
It is the most positive place I have ever lived! The counselors love their jobs, the children have so much fun, and the location is perfect. Every child should spend a summer at Camp Scully.

What do you do when you're not at Camp?
I am in law school and work at a window company, rather mundane work compared to the excitement of interacting with children daily! I still try to laugh and be silly, making a little part of each day like camp :)

What is your dream job?
My absolute dream job is to be a writer and artist who just gets to be creative all the time. I would also definitely work at camp and be around the optimism and positivity of children as much as possible!