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Take I-90 to Exit 8, Defreestville.  That will put you onto Route 43 East.  Take Route 43 East straight through traffic lights, continuing for about 3 miles.  At red barn with billboards, turn left onto Geiser Road.  That is a windy road that will take you to Camp Scully on the right-hand side.  You will see wooden signs directing you.

Overnight Camp Arrival Time is on Sundays from 3:30 to 5:30pm (please do not arrive prior to 3:30pm, our staff are very busy preparing for your camper’s stay and cannot register you). Arrivals after 5:30pm may jeopardize future registrations for the following year. Please remember children must remain under your supervision until you have completed the registration process and released them to the care of the Camp staff.

Overnight Camp Drop-off Schedule

·         Camp check-in takes approximately 30 minutes (time may be longer if not all paperwork is complete upon arrival) and includes:

1.       Sign-in and paperwork check

2.       Cabin assignment

3.       Camp store (optional)

4.       Food program - SFSP (if necessary)

5.       Temperature check (we do not like to bring campers with a fever into camp)

6.       Lice check (if lice or nits are found, you will be asked to treat hair and return in 24 hours)

7.       Health check-in (talk with nurse and submit any medications)

8.       Meet your child’s counselor

·         Upon arrival to camp (after 3:30pm)

 Step 1 ­– You will be greeted by a staff member and shown where to park. Leave your luggage in your vehicle as there is no room in the registration area. An employee will help you with it later.

Step 2 – You will be directed to our chapel building to sign in, receive your cabin assignment, check in with the nurse, receive a security token and, if you wish, visit the Camp Store table to deposit money for your child to use for the week. 

Step 3 – You will meet a “baggage handler” who will help you retrieve your baggage from your vehicle, store it in the appropriate area and introduce you to your child’s counselor. 

Day Camp Arrival Time· Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 9:00am.  Extended hours or early drop-off begins at 7:15am ($25 nominal fee; pre-register).  Campers dropped off prior to 8:00 will incur the $25 extended hour’s fee.

Day Camp Drop-off Schedule  Day Camp check-in takes approximately 10-20 minutes on Monday and includes:

1.       Drive down and park near the PINK shed.

2.       Sign in camper on Day Camp Center porch.

3.       Providing additional names of individuals who are able to pick up your camper.

4.       Check of medical form (in case of changes or mistakes).

5.       Deposit money in Camp Store account (optional).

6.       Meeting counselors, Day Camp director and other campers.

  Check-in on Tuesday through Friday is much quicker: only step 1 & 2 ARE usually required.