Electronics Policy

As parents and educators, we know that young people use and adapt to new technology at dizzying speeds. Electronic devices are often a useful and necessary part of children’s educational and social development throughout their lives. However, we also think that some weeks of the summer should stand apart from the rest of the year.

We want our campers to experience Camp with all their senses, and engage directly with each other without the separation of a screen. At Camp Scully, we encourage children to develop their sense of accomplishment and well being through hands-on activities, whether they are sports or play or dance or swim. And we want them to get those hands dirty! Which is why we need campers to leave most electronics at home.  Help us preserve “endangered tech-free time” by supporting our policies.

Camp Scully is a “screen free” camp

To cut down on distraction and increase campers’ enjoyment of Camp, we have a “Screen-Free” policy at Camp Scully. While we permit e-readers such as Nook and Kindle as long as they are only used within cabins; phones, computers and other electronics capable of playing videos or games are not permitted. Your understanding and support of this policy helps us ensure campers have a refreshing and engaging summer experience.

Permitted Electronic Devices

  • Kobo Touch
  • Sony Reader
  • Nook Simple Touch
  • Kindle (e-readers only) The Kindle Fire is not permitted.