Cabin Grouping Policy

Cabin groups are like families within the larger Camp Scully community, and we do our utmost to make sure they are happy ones. Final cabin groupings are not completed until campers arrive at camp. While we do collect requests we cannot always accommodate them, and cannot guarantee cabin groupings. We do not accept registrations that are contingent upon cabin grouping requests.

While we understand a camper’s wish to be grouped with a friend, parents should keep in mind that these situations can often create problems, causing tension among others in the cabin or straining the friendship. Should difficulties within a cabin group arise, or any time a camper has problems adjusting, we will work to make effective changes. Requests for campers to be grouped together – or to be grouped apart – should be made by the families of both campers, in writing, on the application form or a separate note.

Things we keep in mind when we’re organizing our cabins

Our cabins can accommodate up to 10, this is an ideal size which gives everyone more breathing room and to allow for more individualized attention from counselors.

We always welcome new campers to Camp Scully and place them in cabin groups where we believe they will be enthusiastically accepted.

We strive for a diverse mix of backgrounds and amount of Walden experience within each cabin group.

Cabins are primarily organized by age which allows for counselors to tailor activities, cabin rules and group discussions to a particular age range.

The Leadership staff are careful to maintain an optimal size of cabin group to allow for successful and safe enjoyment of activities, dining hall time and cabin time.

In addition to a successful experience for campers in any one cabin, we must be mindful of the “chemistry” of kids throughout our camp community.