Nut Awareness Policy


At Camp Scully, we would like to create an environment that is "Nut Aware", and therefore be as safe as possible for children with life-threatening nut/peanut allergies. This will give children with life-threatening nut/peanut allergies a chance to feel comfortable and the opportunity to be a part of and not excluded from any activity within the Camp setting.  To make sure staff, campers, parents and any other people affiliated with Camp Scully have the information, procedures and support needed to ensure a nut/peanut aware environment is maintained to the best of their ability.


Campers and parents should not bring food to Camp. If the Camp Director grants an exception (for special diets, staff treats or camper birthdays), parents should make sure all food items are nut free to the best of their ability. Home baked items should not contain nuts or peanuts.

The Camp Store shall not stock or sell items that contain nuts.

The Camp Kitchen, cooking program, fundraisers or special events that involve food, must be carefully checked.  Menus will not included items that contain nuts. The kitchen will communicate with vendors to ensure that supplied products are nut free.

Educating Staff, Parents and Campers on Nut/Peanut Allergies

  1. Staff members will be trained on what it means to have a life-threatening allergy, precautions, and treatment. They also will be given an outline of the procedures that must be used within Camp Scully. Individual counselors will also become familiar with their campers that have life-threatening allergies.

  2.  Parents will be well informed of the Nut Awareness Policy at Camp Scully by clear communication in the parent handbook and on the website, by talking with the staff at the Open House and at registration, as well as through regular reminders in the newsletter. Posters throughout Camp should will be used as reminders.

  3. The Camp Director or designate will inform the campers at the beginning of each week about the camp's "Nut Aware”. Counselors will also teach and model this policy as they enforce the "Nut Aware" by monitoring children's lunches and snacks. The information should be presented in such a way that children will want to keep each other accountable so they can keep their nut allergic friends safe.

Posters will be used and put up around Camp so that all who enter will know that it is a nut aware zone.

 A number of resources are available through our website to help educate campers, parents and staff.

If at all possible, students with allergies should wear a medic-alert bracelet.