Overnight Experience

We will have three dates for the Overnight Experience this summer.  Some Day Campers are curious about overnight camp but not ready to commit to a full week. This gives them the opportunity to check it out for just one night. They get dropped off on Thursday morning of the week they are attending Day Camp and then spend the night, to be picked up on Friday afternoon.  These are for specific age groups, so be sure to sign your Camper up for the week of Day Camp that corresponds to the correct Overnight Experience.  

Week 2 is for 6-8 year old campers and will occur on Thursday July 6.  

Week 3 is for 9-11 year old campers and will occur on July 13.  

Week 7 is for 12-13 year old Trailblazer campers and will occur on August 10 (during Teen Week).