Here's a few things the parents of campers and campers themselves have had to say about Camp Scully

Why did you choose Camp Scully for your child's summer camp?

[They] have a wide range of activities compared to other programs, had swimming available, open convenient hours and seemed like much more than a glorified babysitting service you see at other summer camps.

Because it was affordable, offered a variety of structured activities and lunch. Swimming lessons were part of the program.

Our daughter mentioned her friend was going and she wanted to attend with her. Looked Camp Scully up on internet and it looked really nice. Met the staff and was impressed by their enthusiasm.

All the activities, swimming lessons. [The staff] are great also, they do a great job [and] the kids love them.

I chose Camp Scully because of the hours, Camp and staff's reputation and hot lunch that is provided.

I heard about it from a close friend whose daughter goes there. [The staff] gave me a tour of the facility. I really liked it and I like that [the staff] took time to show me around.

Last summer my 8 year old son wanted to try numerous camps. I received a flyer from school and knew some families that sent their children to Camp Scully. I registered for Day Camp for 2 weeks, my son loved it so much he spent all summer at Camp Scully, including a week of [overnight] camp.

We wanted to give our daughters more of a traditional outdoor summer camp experience. After visiting with [the staff], seeing the Camp and hearing more about the traditional Camp day - we knew this was the right place.

The fact that it [is] ACA accredited. I believe children should not be sheltered but exposed to new skills and experiences. Camp Scully does that.

Compared to other camps, it is a great value and a fun place for kids.

I chose it after seeing the mailing that was sent, it seemed to have so many activities, provided lunch and had such great hours, making it easy to still be able to work a full day! I also love that the kids are able to spend all day outside being physical!

I heard really good things about the Camp from other parents and their kids. I love all the water activities and being outdoors.

What do we do at Camp Scully that other camps don't do?

We like the archery, hiking, private swim time/lessons. [It's] smaller, well-staffed.

You have motivated, happy counselors that set the tone for the kids. you teach them how to keep their minds and bodies in motion and entertained without parents having to spend [extra money].

Better staff - very devoted and attentive. Some camp staff at other camps seem bored.

Have the full package of true camp experience (the lake, the woods, the activities) and willingness to adapt to requests of parents.

The location of Camp Scully differentiates from many other camps in the area. The lake, woods, cabins, archery, aqua-jump, ga-ga pit etc. make for a more "campy" experience. Other camps in the area are more like glorified "day-care".

Keep the kids involved in all activities all day long, caring staff and warm personable environment. open earlier and later than other camps.

Flagpole, songs, beach party, carnival, serve lunch, snack shack, non-stop activities.

It's the energy and dedication of the staff. They give consideration to the age and individual interests of the child. Keeps kids excited and engaged in the camp experience.

Provide lunch, longer hours, have enough to entertain (and exhaust) all age groups. The entire staff have really taken the time to know all of the kids and my kids really love them!

I like that the kids are put into set groups (cabins) with counselors that they get to know well. Swimming lessons, gaga, archery, beastmaster, campfire etc. [Overnight] Camp and LIT are also great programs. Staff are well trained with lots of patience and love the kids.

Counselors are very interactive with the campers. They seem to connect with the kids more at Camp Scully than at other camps. More activities than others.

I find the small groups, flexible program, positive attitude of staff and nature based activities are a great fit for [my daughter].